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With great pleasure we breed KWPN horses in the Dutch village of ‘Barsingerhorn’ in the Netherlands. We strive for excellent conformation, movement, and a flexible working character in our horses.
The offspring from our oldest mare, Ruby are achieving great results in dressage, testament of our successful breeding programme.
           All KWPN foals born at our stables are named with the affix SV (Spaans/van der Vliet)

In addition we breed  Welsh Mountain ponies on a very modest scale under the prefix ‘Beltaines’ with our lovely  mares
Fronbach Dot , Colliyers Cottonsocks, Beltaines Quitra
For more information about our breeding you can take a further look on our website .                  
If you are interested in one of our horses,
please don’t hesitate to contact us
Stal Barghorn
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